With the World Cup not yet over eyes have already turned to the Olympics in London in 2012. Only today, according to the BBC, Which?, the consumer body, criticised LOCOG, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, over its deal with card firm Visa which prevents British sports fans using other credit cards to buy tickets and goods at Olympic venues.

Which? has been quoted as saying it is “outrageous” that British Olympic fans will not be able to pay for tickets by MasterCard or other cards or withdraw cash at any Olympic sites unless they have a card which runs on the Visa payment system. Outrageous is the right description in my view too. The issue of exclusivity deals such as this comes back to my earlier arguments about the dangers of overly aggressive enforcement of sponsors’ rights generally. It also raises questions over consumer rights, but from a marketing perspective, brands are in danger of damaging their reputation rather than enhancing it.Continue Reading The Olympics Exclusive Marketing and Sponsorship Debate Begins