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Bimbo Bakeries Beats Back All-Butter Label Suit

The Southern District of New York dismissed a putative class action against Bimbo Bakeries (the parent company of Entenmann’s) that alleged the packaging on Entenmann’s “All Butter Loaf Cake” was misleading because the product contained soybean oil and artificial flavors, not only butter. Plaintiff brought claims under New York’s consumer protection laws, which require that a … Continue Reading

Today’s Hot Topic – Supers

Often clients will ask what the networks’ requirements are for supers.  The networks’ production guidelines for supers are as follows: Visual disclaimers: 1.  Must be clearly legible against a contrasting background and appropriately drop-shaded. 2.  Must be at least 22 scan lines, with letters, words, and lines spaced so as to be easily read. 3.  … Continue Reading