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FTC Seeks Monetary Penalties for Deceptive Marketing of COVID-19 Treatments in First Action under the COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act

Last week, the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) together with the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced a new civil lawsuit filed against St. Louis-based chiropractor Eric Anthony Nepute and his company, Quickwork LLC, alleging that they deceptively marketed products containing vitamin D and zinc as scientifically proven to treat or prevent COVID-19. This is the first … Continue Reading

ICANN Forges On

ICANN is fast approaching its release of a tsunami of new top level domains.  Advertisers are simply not ready for what lies ahead and the millions it will cost.  For the latest update on how no one seems to be able to stop ICANN’s juggernaut, please read “DOJ Antitrust Division refuses to issue review letter … Continue Reading