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Network Clearance Corner – Today’s Hot Topic: News Simulation

From time to time I like to remind clients of specific network guidelines to keep in mind when developing advertising. One such guideline is News Simulation. Per the network guidelines, commercial announcements that simulate news reports or news broadcasts through the use of newsroom or newsgathering techniques; through the use of any person purporting to be a news announcer or news reporter; or through the use of lead-in material that may mislead the audience to assume that it is about to hear a news report or is hearing a news report, are unacceptable...… Continue Reading

SodaStream Doesn’t Go Completely Flat

Home soda machine manufacturer, SodaStream, who recently had its Super Bowl ad rejected by CBS is finding new life. While the company will instead be forced to run an alternate ad that has been shown previously, there is a chance that the press SodaStream is receiving from its rejection will create enough buzz to support … Continue Reading

Today’s Hot Topic: Cable Clearance

Recently, a few clients have inquired as to whether or not commercials need to be cleared with the cable networks.  Some cable networks do require that commercials be submitted for review and approval prior to airing. The cable networks that require clearance are ABC Family, Fox Cable Networks, MTV Networks, Nickelodeon and MyNetwork TV. NBC Universal Cable … Continue Reading