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ICANN Forges On

ICANN is fast approaching its release of a tsunami of new top level domains.  Advertisers are simply not ready for what lies ahead and the millions it will cost.  For the latest update on how no one seems to be able to stop ICANN’s juggernaut, please read “DOJ Antitrust Division refuses to issue review letter … Continue Reading

The FTC’s Investigation of Google: What To Do When The FTC Sends Your Company An Inquiry

In June, Google confirmed that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) opened an antitrust investigation against it. While the scope and details of the investigation have not been disclosed, the FTC is likely examining whether and how Google has used its dominance in Internet search and advertising to stifle competition, and whether Google's actions cause harm to consumers.… Continue Reading

Challenges Mount for Google / AdMob Acquisition

Earlier this year, AdLaw By Request wrote on the merits, concerns and overall likelihood of success of the Google / AdMob transaction that closed toward the latter part of 2009, pending the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) sign-off. Predicting (or perhaps foreshadowing) that the FTC would raise antitrust concerns over the pending transaction, Google went as … Continue Reading

Déjà Google

Give Google credit that when it announced its acquisition of AdMob, a leading provider of mobile advertising services and technology, in November 2009, it proactively addressed the likelihood of a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigation into the transaction. Google even went as far as posting a web page that the media, regulators and other interested parties … Continue Reading