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ASA stumbles upon age-old problem

The ASA has released a survey which was commissioned to establish what advertisements were being accessed and seen by young people online. The 27-page survey focuses much of its attention on the engagement by young people of social media platforms and, perhaps unsurprisingly, establishes that a significant proportion of young people register with social media … Continue Reading

OFT Investigates So-Called “Free” Web- And App-Based Children’s Games

Over the last year, a number of cases have been reported where children have unwittingly racked up huge bills while playing web and app-based games that are free to download. The bills came from expensive “in-app purchases” of content such as upgraded membership and virtual currency, which is how many of the top-selling apps make … Continue Reading

Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice: Advertising to Children

The new coalition government has stated that one of its priorities is the protection of children from excessive commercialisation. This policy aim reflects a general perception in the UK among the governing and chattering classes that advertising is at the root of both this problem and the problem of obesity among children. Eyes are therefore turned to the … Continue Reading

Primark in Not So Sunny Position With Its New Bikini

Following criticism from consumer protection lobby and parents, the clothing chain Primark has withdrawn the sale of its range of padded bikini tops for girls as young as seven . The company apologised to customers for "causing offence" and is donating profits to a children’s charity after the Children’s Society accused Primark of "premature sexualisation and … Continue Reading