Join Jason Gordon on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, for a live webinar hosted by the FDLI and titled, “Influencers, Social Media Advertising, and Litigation Risks for Food and Dietary Supplement Companies.

Food and dietary supplement companies are increasingly using influencers and social media to advertise their products. These marketing strategies are even more important during the current Coronavirus-driven lockdown, as consumers spend more time online. Beyond the current pandemic, online advertising is a valuable tool for reaching younger generations of consumers, communicating proven and potential health benefits, and drawing attention to new product releases. However, for companies that are unaware of or ignore the rules and guidance set forth by the FDA and FTC, these strategies can easily lead to both government actions and private litigation.

In this webinar, panelists will discuss both general and industry-specific issues, such as the recently released FTC guidelines for social media influencers, recent FTC activity and areas of focus, trends in online marketing, and litigation risks for touting nutritional and health benefits for both foods and dietary supplements.

May 13, 2020, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. EDT

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