Last month, Instagram launched a new feature to let users know when a post is sponsored, making it easier for users to determine if a celebrity was paid to sponsor a post. Instagram will now have a “Paid partnership with” tag in organic content posts and Instagram Stories, in order for creators and businesses to “be able to quickly disclose their partnerships easier than ever before, maintaining authenticity across the board.”  Those who use the tag will be able to track the performance of branded content posts and stories to monitor and gage reach and engagement metrics.  Says Instagram, “launching this branded content tool is the first step in ensuring transparency of paid partnerships on Instagram.” In the coming months, Instagram also plans on launching a paid partnerships policy that will attempt to provide guidance to advertisers based on Facebook’s current practices

 Takeaway:  Advertisers seeking to promote their message on social media should take note that users are calling for – and platforms are responding to – a request for more transparency among celebrities, creators, and influencers to clearly alert their followers when they are getting paid for promoting something on social media.