The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently granted summary decision against California Natural Inc., a seller and marketer of personal care products, holding that the company engaged in false and misleading advertising in claiming that its sunscreen SPF 30 product was “all natural.”

Last April, the FTC issued an administrative complaint against California Natural, alleging that the company’s labeling of its sunscreen as “all natural” and containing “only the purest, most luxurious and effective ingredients found in nature” violated the FTC Act because eight percent of its sunscreen formula consists of dimethicone, a synthetic product.  California Natural refuted the FTC’s contention, pointing to a disclaimer on its website that indicated that the sunscreen contained the synthetic product.

Takeaway: The FTC is stepping up its enforcement of “all natural” claims. Advertisers should carefully review their “all natural” marketing claims to determine whether the claims are tied to products that contain even trace amounts of synthetic ingredients.