The Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) and the BBB are pleased to announce the launch of its second Public Service Campaign regarding children’s online safety.  CARU’s first campaign titled, “Do you know where your children are…on the Internet?” was broadcasted on the major network and cable channels, received thousands of views on social media and was nominated for an Emmy Award.  CARU’s new campaign, directed by CARU’s Wayne J. Keeley and titled “Would you know if someone was following your child online?” speaks to parents about recent changes to the COPPA law and about safeguarding children from divulging personal information online without parental consent. The campaign consists of two .30 spots and two .15 spots.

CARU will premiere its campaign at its west coast conference on May 11th Reimagining Children’s Advertising – CARU west coast conference to be followed by the IBA Accountability Program, Marina del Rey, CA (seats are still available for both).

You can get a sneak preview of the CARU’s PSA spots at: