Authors: Carolyn H. Rosenberg Cindy Schmitt Minniti Douglas J. Wood Gregor Pryor J. Andrew Moss Keri S. Bruce Mark S. Goldstein Michael S. Sherman Nick Breen Patrick E. Bradley Peter Teare Stephen Edwards

This white paper – Crowded Skies: Opportunities and Challenges in an Era of Drones – explores the legal ramifications and risks of drones in a variety of disciplines, including:

  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Aviation – Regulatory
  • Copyright
  • Employment and Labor
  • Export Controls
  • Film and Television
  • Insurance and Insurability
  • Music
  • Privacy
  • Product Claims and Litigation

As the legal environment surrounding drones evolves, this white paper will evolve as well to offer a comprehensive, up-to-date resource. Subsequent editions containing new and updated chapters will be released, so please be on the lookout for them.

We hope that Crowded Skies: Opportunities and Challenges in an Era of Drones provides readers with valuable guidance as they take to the skies, and we welcome any comments or questions.

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