The ASA has this week upheld complaints against an RSPCA ad that suggested badgers in cull areas would be "exterminated". The poster showed a picture of a badger, a bullet and a vaccination needle, asking: "Vaccinate or exterminate?" The ad’s text stated "The UK Government wants to shoot England’s badgers. We want to vaccinate them – and save their lives". After receiving 119 complaints, including from Conservative MP, Simon Hart, the Shadow Minister for Rural Affairs in Wales, Antoinette Sanbach, and the Farmers’ Union of Wales, the ASA deemed the word ‘exterminate’ misleading as "consumers were likely to interpret the claim…to mean that all badgers would be eradicated in cull areas". In truth, a target has been set for marksmen to kill at least 70% of badgers in each specific cull zone, therefore leaving the exact figure uncertain. The ASA has stated that RSPCA should not use the ad again in its current form.