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FTC.gov: FTC Seeks Comments on Additional Proposed Revisions to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule

The Federal Trade Commission is publishing a Federal Register Notice seeking public comments on additional proposed modifications to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.


Bloomberg: Google Should Pay $750 a Book, Authors Say in E-Book Suit

Authors suing Google Inc. (GOOG) over the digitizing of books asked a judge to order the company to pay $750 a book for illegal copying and distribution of their works, according to a court filing today.


Tech Daily Dose, National Journal: ACLU and Facebook Defend the Right to ‘Like’

The right to “like” something on Facebook is protected under the First Amendment, say the American Civil Liberties Union and Facebook.


FTC.gov: FTC Sends Refunds to Consumers Who Paid to Collect Bogus Prize Money, Tricked by Scammers Posing as Government Agencies

The Federal Trade Commission mailed 503 refund checks to consumers who were allegedly tricked into paying a fee to collect a fake multi-million-dollar sweepstakes prize. The FTC alleged that operators of the scam, collectively known as Prize Information Bureau, sent personalized mailers, some with fictitious government agency names and official-looking seals, to hundreds of thousands of consumers.


BBC: Facebook’s first real-cash gambling app launched

A real-money gambling app has been launched on Facebook – the social network’s first.