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LA Times: Cigar industry seeks to exclude premium types from tobacco rules

The cigar industry is seeking a change in Congress to protect premium hand-rolled cigars from FDA regulation and save 85,000 small-business jobs around the country.

As federal regulators weigh standards for the entire tobacco industry, some in the cigar world are pushing to make sure their livelihoods and the products they enjoy don’t go up in smoke.


CSP Daily News: Group Claims Girl Scout Cookie Candy Bars Aimed at Kids

Nestle says product developed to appeal to adults, and advertised, marketed accordingly

The Center for Science in the Public Interest claims that Nestles’ new line of Girl Scout-themed Crunch bars violates the candy company’s pledge that it does not market candy to children. In a letter to Nestle USA chairman and CEO Brad Alford, the consumer group urged the company to stop marketing unhealthy foods featuring the Girl Scout’s name and logo and refrain from similar marketing approaches in the future.


NY Times: To Settle Lawsuit, Facebook Alters Policy for Its Like Button

Complicating its efforts to accelerate advertising revenue, Facebook has agreed to make it clear to users that when they click to like a product on Facebook, their names and photos can be used to plug the product. They will also be given a chance to decline the opportunity to be unpaid endorsers.


NY Times: Supreme Court Rejects F.C.C. Fines for Indecency

The Supreme Court on Thursday declined to address whether the government still has the authority to regulate indecency on broadcast television, but it ruled in favor of two broadcasters who had faced potential fines for programs featuring cursing and nudity on narrow grounds.