From time to time I like to advise clients on simple things they can do to help facilitate the network clearance process.

Below is a list of helpful tips advertisers and agencies should keep in mind when clearing commercials with the networks:

  1. Be sure to send supporting documents (e.g. claim substantiation, product labeling, date of national distribution, etc.) in one packet whenever possible. The network editors prefer to review all supporting documents at once rather than in piecemeal. This also helps expedite the clearance process.
  2. Be sure to include scripts when clearing rough-cuts. The editors need to see the copy when reviewing rough-cuts.
  3. Ensure final commercials are properly slated with an ISCI/Ad ID Code.
  4. Be sure to clear :15 second versions of approved :30 second spots.
  5. Be sure to send standard (SD) versions of final commercials for final network approval.
  6. Be sure to send large media files for clearance via links to FTP sites, not as zip files.
  7. Be sure to clear "non-new" versions of approved "new" spots.
  8. Avoid sending compressed video files for clearance via e-mail. While they may be easier to e-mail, they are usually poorer quality, thus making supers difficult to read. It’s best to send a link to an FTP site where a large video file can be downloaded and viewed.
  9. Ensure as-produced scripts contain the advertiser, product, commercial title, ISCI/Ad Id Code, length and date. They should also contain all supers appearing in the commercial.
  10. When in doubt, ask questions. This can save a lot of time and effort down the road.

Marilyn Colaninno is Director of Rights and Clearances for Reed Smith and is responsible for clearing commercials for the firm’s many clients in the advertising industry. If you have specific questions, please contact Marilyn directly at 212-549-0347 or at