Welcome. Adlaw® by Request™ has become a staple in the diet of many both inside and outside of the advertising industry, as a go-to resource for current, relevant and important legal developments. We believe it’s now time to put even more information at our readers’ fingertips, while also giving them an interactive and dynamic forum in which to share their perspectives and experiences.

Some of the other changes in our new blog format include: weekly updates on developments in the advertising industry, monthly articles from at least two Reed Smith attorneys that will delve more deeply into a particular subject or issue, and contributions/feedback that we hope will come from our readership. We’ll still send an email describing the entire month’s updates to subscribers at least once a month. If ABR was previously a destination for knowledge and information, it will now become a crossroad.

In light of the new administration’s agenda and priorities; technology that is rapidly changing the way data is collected and used across all mediums; recessionary concerns; and a consumer environment with heightened sensitivities for health, privacy, finance, and a “green” world; our objective is to make ABR an indispensable tool to help you navigate these waters.

As Editor-in-Chief of ABR, I welcome your feedback at any time (asnukal@reedsmith.com).

Best regards,

Adam Snukal, Reed Smith LLP