2009 Commercials Contract – Multi-Service Contract Requirements

Update on SAG/AFTRA Issues

Trust Agreements for SAG – Producers P&H Plans

The following documents constitute the Trust Agreements for the Screen Actors Guild-Producers Pension and Health Plans.

2009 SAG and AFTRA Negotiations

Understanding the GRP Model Webinar

Here is a copy of the presentation:  Understanding the GRP Model

Presentation at 2008 ANA Advertising Law & Business Affairs Conference

Booz Allen Hamilton Talent Compensation Reports

Seminars and Webinars on New Compensation Models for Actors in Television Commercials

  • Click here for the Media 101 handout.
  • Click here for the Talent 101 handout.
  • Click here to view the .PDF version of the presentation from the July 15 seminar.
  • Frequently Asked Questions from the seminar/webinar.

Courts and Arbitrations

Working With Celebrities

Canada (ACA, ICA, ACTRA)

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Continuation of 2006 Extension

Letter of August 6, 2008

Letter of August 22, 2008


SAG and AFTRA Television and Radio Commercials Contracts

Preparing for the Worst

2008 Negotiations

Writers Guild of America

2008 Agreement Summary

2006 Extensions SAG

SAG Executed TV Agreement

2006 Extension AFTRA

AFTRA Executed TV Agreement

AFTRA Executed Radio Agreement

2003 Contracts


Waivers, etc.