The Children’s Advertising Review Unit (CARU) has recommended that the popular Build-A-Bear Workshop modify or discontinue price advertising claims, which the self-regulatory group says may confuse children.

CARU objected to a commercial, which the organization said it spotted through its own monitoring of advertising directed to children, that showed a child at a Build-A-Bear store choosing a stuffed monkey, clothing and accessories. The announcer stated, “You can make a new furry friend starting at $10 and continue the adventure at” Though the bear initially appeared unclothed, and a large video disclosure stated that animals start at $10, the bear later was shown to be wearing a shirt, shorts, sunglasses and sneakers.

“CARU concluded that a child could reasonably believe that any fully clothed and accessorized animal would cost $10, although the monkey depicted cost $18 and outfitting the animal similar to the one depicted would cost approximately $40,” the organization stated.

The advertiser noted that the commercial in question had run its course, but said it would consider CARU’s concerns in future advertising.

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