Toys ‘R’ Us has announced a series of tightened safety standards for toys and cribs. The announcement follows a series of massive recalls in recent years.

The new requirements provide for general increased quality assurance standards and oversight, including increased frequency of third-party testing, and standards regarding the allowable amounts of lead that can be contained in coatings and toy materials.

The retailer also issued enhanced crib-testing standards, which go beyond federal regulations, and include specifications for wood density and types, and measurements for crib rail spindles, among other requirements.

In addition, by the end of 2008, Toys ‘R’ Us no longer will carry toys that are made by adding phthalates and polyvinyl chloride to them, the retailer said. Similarly, the toy store will phase out sales of baby bottles that contain bisphenol-A (BPA) by the end of the year.

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